Workplace Screening

Why Choose Oral Fluid Screening
Versus Urine Drug Testing?

Post-Accident Screening
Did you know…an employee can use illegal drugs at lunch, have an

portrait of two businessmen and a businesswoman standing in an office

later that day in the workplace and never test positive for drugs? This is
because conventional drug testing with urine cannot accurately detect drug
usage in the first four hours after use, thus making saliva superior. Oral fluid
testing can detect drugs anytime, from immediately after the most recent use,
up to three days after use. This will save your company money by finding
positives that are missed by urine screening.

Beating Cheating
Drug abusers have found many ways to “beat” a urine test, but oral fluid
drug testing eliminates this risk of cheating. All oral drug tests must be
administered under supervised observation so “beating the system” is much
more difficult and ‘drug cleansing’ products will not work for oral fluids even
though they do work on urine.

Eliminate False Negatives
Our oral fluid screening for Cocaine, Opiates and Methamphetamine is 60%
more sensitive than that of similar screens on urine samples reducing the
number of false negatives for those drugs.

Will It Be Admissible In Court?
Yes. Saliva test results have been admitted in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois,
Ohio, Missouri, and most other states. Most state statutes will allow the
testing of any “bodily fluid” for court purposes.

Eliminate False Positives
The forensic laboratory we utilize employs the most sophisticated and
accurate confirmation method available. Their process is 100 to 1,000 times
more precise than traditional methods of testing, reducing the risk of false
positives in confirmed results, actually providing a 100% accuracy rate for
every confirmed positive result you receive.

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