Oral Fluid vs. Urinalysis

Oral Fluid Screening Benefits Over Urine

  • Increased accuracy (up to 1000 times more precise)
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased compliance of donors (no more bashful bladders)
  • Increased privacy for the donor (no embarrassment of being watched)Drug-Testing-Urine-vs-Salvia-Oral-Fluid
  • No more false positives
  • No more false negatives
  • No more diluted samples
  • No chance for donor to adulterate samples
  • ‘Body cleansing’ products do not affect the accuracy of Oral Fluid
  • Decrease in time the collection process requires (5 min. vs. 15 to 30
  • No chance of collection site employee tampering with results
  • All positive screens are further evaluated to identify the exact source of
    the positive result (i.e. illegal drug use, proper use of prescription and
    over the counter medications, and abuse of prescriptions or over the
    counter medications)

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