Instant vs. Lab Analysis

Reducing False Results

Instant Drug Screens:

  • Instant-result drug tests are only required by the FDA to be 70% IMG_6036accurate. This is far below the 100% accuracy rate our system will yield for every positive result!

False Positives:

  • Many common cold medications (such as Chlorpheniramine, Ephinedrine and Phenylpropanolamine) create a false positive in urine tests for methamphetamines (such as Adam [MDA], Ecstacy [MDMA], Methamphetamine and Methcathinone) or amphetamines even though no illegal drugs were used. Oral Fluid Screening stops these false positives!!!

False positive drug screens caused by the innocent use of common cold
medicines occurs because drugs have to actually metabolize fully
throughout the body in order to be present in urine (changing their chemical
make-up in some instances) and many cold medicines naturally metabolize
as the aforementioned illegal drugs.

Since accuracy and reliability are of the utmost importance in this work,
we have decided to avoid the instant tests in favor of the more accurate
process of lab analysis for every specimen with results provided within
twenty-four hours in most cases. We realize this will be an adjustment for
many but believe that our commitment to provide your agency with the
highest quality of services possible naturally leads us in this direction.

The previously noted 30% error rate with instant tests combined with the
potential for false positives from common cold medicines means that a
child could lose his or her visit with their parent, a probationer could be
violated or an employee/applicant could lose their job simply because the
wrong equipment was used.

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